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Our Divisions


D.Board Media is a company with the cutting edge technology that specialised in the provision of Channels for brands to reach their desired market. These Channels are either technology driven or content created by our unique blend of staff. It started as the media solution division of Incapint Limited by providing a network that promotes Brand Visibility at Decision Point. 

We are able to place advertising screens at purchase points to allow brands influence the final purchase decision

Recognising that the available media materials were not created for such new media, we incorporated a creatives unit into our operations to help our clients maximise this advantage.

Our skills in this area also informed our decision to create content as additional channels for our clients in line with our philosophy.
D.Board has created a City Network of Screens with 31 Screen in strategic Locations.

D.Board has also created an Airport Network that has 4 screens already running and plans to cover 15 airports across Nigeria.
We have produced creative materials for a number of our clients, while we have created reality shows like FITS and SUPA 1

Our Mission:

To help our clients maximize market potential by providing specialized channels using technology and the creativity of highly skilled professionals.


Other Services:


Our SMS Server provides a reliable platform for communicating with your clients and the general public. It has the capability for the following:

    1. Broadcast to single individual
    2. Broadcast to a group
    3. Scheduling of Broadcasts for different groups and for different times.
    4. Generate delivery reports
    5. Credit has a life time validity so it does not expire.
    6. Can take stored numbers in both Excel.CSV and Notepad.


We help customer enhance their marketing by assisting with high technology backed bulk email services to their clients.



In collaboration with technical staff from Competent Machines Limited, we design customer focus SEO websites that are meant to enhance company customer communication and not just a presence in the web. We incorporate various feedback mechanisms in line with the clients nature and level of business.



We have tailor made web hosting options for each category of businesses such that we can accommodate a one page web or a multi product online shop in our 24 hrs hosting services with customer support and a 99% uptime.