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Our Divisions

Competent Machines Limited was originally the hardware's division of Incapint Limited but has now been separated as an independent company to take advantage of emerging opportunities. It has expanded operations and has developed and deployed indigenous solutions with organisations like Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC Pilot Electronic Voting Machine) and The Oyo State Government Land Management Solution,
It was incorporated as a full company in April 22nd 2009 and commenced operations in March 13, 2010.

Competent Machines has created a niche for itself in the small footprint segment of the computer industry as well as created alliances with reputable companies to provide other services.

The brand names of Competent Machines Limited are

(i) "Competent Machines"-A range of miniaturized fanless "all weather" computers, with processing capacities that can be adapted to various uses.

(ii) "D.Board"- A digital signage solution that can work as a network or a stand alone. It has the capacity to deliver still photographs or video quality images thus allowing unimaginable possibilities in Digital signage.


(iii) "EVM" or Electronic Voting Machine is a self service kiosk originally designed as an electronic voting machine but can also serve as a self service kiosk for various dispensing activities. It is designed to run up to eighteen (18) hours on its own power when there is a power failure.


(iv) "EVS" is our Electronic Voting Solution that allows illiterates to vote in their own dialects using an electronic voting machine and identified with their biometrics


(v) Avielo Kiosk is our transaction processing range of kiosks deployed to serve as a supporting platform for various commercial or Government operations

(vi) Competent.Net Land Management Solution is design to enable State Government efficiently manage their Deed Registry to the Satisfaction of all stakeholders. It also can be adapted as a document management solution.